Been wondering where you can study abroad for free? Find out which countries offer government scholarship programs for international students like you. Read more »

developing-studies-scholarshipsThere are a significant number of scholarships offered by Universities, Foreign Governments, and International Organizations that support development-related studies such as international development, agriculture, education, global health, environment, public policy, peace, water and sanitation etc. There are also those scholarships that support other fields of study that help in the development of one’s home country. Read more »

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any-field-of-study-scholarshipsUniversity-wide scholarships are scholarships which are generally available for any subject, course, or field of study offered at the University*. Although there might be some exceptions (e.g. Medicine, Law, MBA, etc.), university-wide scholarships generally cover all or most courses offered by the University. Knowing this type of scholarship could help you find more scholarship options in different Universities around the world. Read more »

One of the most well-funded international scholarships are research scholarships. Foreign governments fund international research scholarships to establish their countries as global research hubs while Universities set up international research scholarship programs to attract high quality students to contribute to their research efforts. Research scholarships are usually towards Masters by Research/Thesis or PhD Degree. Read more »

Women ScholarshipsWith the help of scholarships and fellowships, women are encouraged to pursue higher education and research in fields such as Science, Business, Finance, Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Peace, and International Development. To celebrate International Women’s Day, presents a list of top 10 International Scholarships for Women. Read more »

Chancellor’s/Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships are some of the most prestigious scholarship awards offered by some Universities in UK and Australia to excellent international students. Generally, it is funded by the Chancellor’s/Vice-Chancellor’s office and could either be in the form of full/partial tuition fee waivers and may include a stipend/bursary. lists the top 10 Chancellor’s/Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships for International students. Read more »

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Top 5 Scholarships in Denmark for International Students

Higher Education in Denmark is free for EU/EEA students while Non-EU students have to pay tuition fee of around 6,000 to 16,000 Euro. To attract excellent non-EU students, the Danish Government and Institutions provide a number of scholarship programs for international students outside the EU/EEA. Read more »