Burnout Italy Entrepreneur Scholarship

scholarshipThinkstockPhotos-485541077Burnout Italy Entrepreneur Scholarship
Deadline: August 1

Burnout Italy is granting one scholarship worth $500 this year. There is not a minimum ACT/SAT or GPA score needed and students can be pursuing any degree at any school of their choice. International students are able to apply, but to be eligible, you must currently be enrolled full time at a college or university and plan on starting your own business. To enter, you must write a one page essay detailing what you want to do with your life and how you plan on getting there. The essay must include your current college major and can include a piece of media such as a photo or video that speaks to what you aspire to do. There is not a fee to apply and the scholarship winner is chosen based upon need, ingenuity, and sincerity.

Burnout Italy is a retail company located in Sicily that was started by young entrepreneurs that “chose to start a fund that would benefit students like we once were, who need support in pursuing their dreams of one day pursuing a career as an entrepreneur.”

If interested, you can find more information on and how to apply for the Burnout Italy Entrepreneur Scholarship here.

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