Improving multi-tasking ability through action videogames.

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Improving multi-tasking ability through action videogames.

Appl Ergon. 2013 Mar;44(2):278-84

Authors: Chiappe D, Conger M, Liao J, Caldwell JL, Vu KP

The present study examined whether action videogames can improve multi-tasking in high workload environments. Two groups with no action videogame experience were pre-tested using the Multi-Attribute Task Battery (MATB). It consists of two primary tasks; tracking and fuel management, and two secondary tasks; systems monitoring and communication. One group served as a control group, while a second played action videogames a minimum of 5 h a week for 10 weeks. Both groups returned for a post-assessment on the MATB. We found the videogame treatment enhanced performance on secondary tasks, without interfering with the primary tasks. Our results demonstrate action videogames can increase people’s ability to take on additional tasks by increasing attentional capacity.

PMID: 22981314 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

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