Rank on emotional intelligence, unlearning and self-leadership.

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Rank on emotional intelligence, unlearning and self-leadership.

Am J Psychoanal. 2012 Dec;72(4):326-51

Authors: Kramer R

Propelled from the inner circle after publishing The Trauma of Birth (1924), Otto Rank jettisoned Freud’s science of knowing because it denied the intelligence of the emotions. Transforming therapy from knowing to being-in-relationship, Rank invented modern object-relations theory, which advocates continual learning, unlearning and relearning: that is, cutting the chains that bind us to the past. Separating, no matter how anxiety-provoking, from outworn phases of life, including previously taken-for-granted ideologies and internalized others, is essential for self-leadership. In 1926, Rank coined the terms “here-and-now” and “pre-Oedipal.” By 1926, Rank had formulated a model of “creative willing”-self-leadership infused with the intelligence of the emotions-as the optimal way of being-in-relationship with others.

PMID: 23175026 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

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