The two exclusive high IQ societies

The two exclusive high IQ societies

Dear all,

The JIN supervisor, Masaaki Yamauchi has succeed to establish the two exclusive high IQ societies, the ESOTERIQ society and the EVANGELIQ society.

The current most exclusive high IQ societies are the GIGA and GRAIL societies by Paul Cooijmans, but there was a phrase “ The memberless Grail Society claims to accept one in 100 billion people—no one has applied so far “ on Scientific American MIND November 2012.

Currently, the ESOTERIQ society has seven members and the EVANGELIQ has one member.

I can perfectly guarantee that the all members exactly certainly undoubtedly absolutely officially keep authentic the highest IQ score performances.

Especially, the EVANGELIQ is the most exclusive high IQ society which has at least one member.

I have a plan to introduce the all members to some media as ” the highest IQ people ” or ” the smartest men ”  like the Yahoo Finance News !

Anyone having strong connection to media editors or science journalists having curious about ” IQ ” or ” Intelligence ” or ” Brain Power ” or related field or something can contact me.


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