2011 12 21

A job offer for highly intelligent people:

We are a company in an alpha-stage and looking for highly intelligent personnel. The plans are to establish an international design company which markets the design skills of a staff of highly gifted people. We need the following kinds of expertise:

1. Marketing, financing and sales personnel
2. Manufacturing engineers
3. Lawyers of international business
4. Industrial Designers
5. Executive staff

Currently we need help in obtaining customers and financing Salaries will be paid to workers when financing is arranged and our paying customers have been located Before that happens, however, we need to know how many people might be interested in our project. At first you can expect some volunteer work before money begins to flow into accounts.

Among the job requirements are an appropriate education in the given field and success on a recognized high range IQ test. If you are interested, please send your C.V., test results, portfolio (if an artist), list of high IQ society memberships and other information which might be relevant to Tommi P. Laiho at:

[email protected]

“If there are no jobs one must to become self-employed” is our slogan.

PS. Please seek high range tests by Google. If you score 150+ at S.D. 15 we will be seriously interested of your skills. The Mensa entrance level is currently 130 with S.D. 15 which is well below our goals. We will consider the validity of the test case by case but in general all tests by Paul Cooijmans or Jason Betts are accepted. Before taking the test you should tell us first what test you might want to take.

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  1. Grant J. Fisher
    February 14, 2012

    Hi there

    The ad does’t stipulate where the job is based, or is that irrelevant in this new computer age? (BTW, my qualification is by virtue of the Sigma Test, January 2003; scored at SD=3.56.)

    Kind regards


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