Global Genius Generation Group (4G high IQ society)


99.997 th percentile; IQ 160 sd15, IQ 164 sd16

≥ 4 standard deviations above the mean

43rd WIN member society (since 09/2013)


Global Genius Generation Group (4G) is a four standard deviations high IQ society founded in 2013 by Iakovos Koukas. Purpose of 4G society is to bring together highly gifted individuals with an IQ in the top 0,003% of the general unselected population (IQ 160 sd15) combined with genius cognitive skills and innovative ideas. An IQ equal or greater than 160 is perceived as a genius IQ. 4 stands for the sd above the mean of the general unselected population and G represents the g factor of psychometrics.

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