Artistic Minds Society

99.87th percentile; IQ 145 sd15, IQ 148 sd16

≥ 3 standard deviations above the mean

29th WIN member society (since 08/2011)


The Artifex Mens Congregatio ( Artistic Minds Society ) was founded in 2006 by Robert Mestre, Walter VanHuissteden and Fivos Drymiotis in an effort to create a forum bringing together in friendship and community artistic individuals from all over the globe. We would like to attract members interested in philosophy, science, poetry, art and puzzle design. There is no fee to join the society. To become a member you must have a score at or above the 99.87 % (IQ 145 SD 15, 148 SD 16 or 172 SD 24), on at least one of our accepted tests


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