95 th percentile; IQ 125 sd15, IQ 126 sd16

≥ 1.66 standard deviations above the mean

16th WIN member society (since 06/2010)


AtlantIQ Society was founded with the purpose of bringing together high IQ people (in the top 5% – minimum of 125 IQ), who show special skills in the field of art and science, and have an interest in pursuing intellectual challenges.

Leonardo Da Vinci is probably the greatest genius in history, his “Atlantic Code” is a collection of books full of drawings and notes about anatomy, astronomy, botany, chemistry, geography, mathematics, engineering, machines, studies on bird flight and architecture. Like the Atlantic Code, AtlantIQ Society wants to garner ideas and thoughts of uncommon people about the most interesting topics.

AtlantIQ Society was born on 12/01/2010 and was founded by two italian members from other IQ societies, Beatrice Rescazzi and Moreno Casalegno, with the purpose of creating a new italian and international society, to reunite members with high intelligence and talent in the fields of art and science. AtlantIQ publishes a quarterly magazine and starts innovative projects as its collaboration with Unicef.

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