Black Palace (墨楼)

墨楼 (Chinese)
Black Palace (English)
Tenebris Palatium (Latin)

99.997 th percentile; IQ 160 sd15, IQ 164 sd16

≥ 4 standard deviations above the mean

60th WIN member society (since 07/2017)


Black Palace Society was founded in 2015 by OLYMPIQ Society member, Mr. Zhang Zhibin. In April 23, 2016, Black Palace Society was officially included in World Genius Directory.

Black Palace is established for people who have an extremely high IQ, exactly, IQ≥160,SD=15. Generally speaking, there are about 0.003% people who have an IQ above 160 in the crowd; this also means that there shall have one Black Palace member for every thirty Thousand in the crowd.

Black Palace society accepts part of the high range IQ test for admission. To join the Black Palace society, you have to provide accepted high range IQ test score report and scored above an IQ 160, sd 15.