BPIQ Society


98.2 th percentile; IQ 132 sd15, IQ 134 sd16

≥ 2.13 standard deviations above the mean

18th WIN member society (since 07/2010)


The name of the society is derived from “BiPolar IQ“, and the logo is a partial ambigram of the four letters BPIQ.

BPIQ was founded on July 21st 2005 and there are currently 22 active members.

To become a member of the society, you must have a serious psychological condition, plus be able to provide proof of an IQ at the required level, either via a supervised test, or via one of the approved on-line tests. This society is also open to high IQers who have family members with psychological complications, or family members that are involved in the field of psychology.

BPIQ was designed to support people with a high IQ who have BiPolar, Schizophrenic and other major psychological conditions. We discuss art, writing, music, ideas and aide one another. We are here to educate, relate and provide unimpeded feedback. It is a somewhat private group because we do not list our members’ names. There is no fee for membership.

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