98 th percentile; IQ 130 sd 15, IQ 132 sd 16

≥ 2 standard deviations above the mean

52nd WIN member society (since 08/2015)


Callidus, established in 2014, was designed to enable like-minded, highly-intelligent people to discuss a wide array of topics. Our members participate in chess tournaments, live trivia and are given a free monthly magazine. Callidus offers a wide array of benefits for its members. We are on Facebook and Twitter. Callidus requires a minimum of a 130 IQ, the top two percentile of the population.

Callidus’ sole purpose is to provide intelligent people with a place to come together and enjoy conversation, learning and participating in a variety of activities. Our members enjoy learning from each other, discussing science and competing in chess. We meet on Facebook and our state-of-the-art forum. Our members’ lounge is a regular and fun, entertaining place that is enjoyed daily. We encourage you to join us in our endeavors. Benefits: membership certificate, unlimited site access, forum, live group messenger, various games, automated trivia, live trivia tournaments, chess tournaments and gatherings.

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