99.8 th percentile; IQ 143 sd15, IQ 146 sd16

≥ 2.87 standard deviations above the mean

19th WIN member society (since 10/2010)


The exactiq society is for people who share a passion for spatial puzzles and IQ tests; exactiq does not put so much emphasis on percentiles or normings, but a basic understanding of spatial logic is needed in order to join. Its main purpose is to gather people who enjoy spatial IQ tests, so that they can become acquainted with other people’s tests, and challenge their buddies via new, up-and-coming puzzles.

The exactiq society values creativity and design, as well as strict, but abstract, logic. In exactiq you will get to know many spatial puzzle designers who will give you a helping hand if you decide to create some puzzles of your own. If you like friendly competition and spending a good time with spatial logic, exactiq is for you.

Qualifying tests can be those spatial tests which have had at least 50 submissions. Currently we accept:
Logima Strictica 36 (1st raw score: 14 and 2nd raw score:16)
Logicaus Strictimanus 24 (1st raw score: 5 and 2nd raw score:7)
Simplex (1st balanced score: 5 and 2nd balanced score: 6)

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