Eyes of Truth (真理之眼)

真理之眼 (Chinese)
Eyes of Truth (English)
Oculorum Verum (Latin)


99.979 th percentile; IQ 153 sd15, IQ 157 sd16

≥ 3,53 standard deviations above the mean

59th WIN member society (since 07/2017)


Eyes of Truth Society was founded in 2015 by OLYMPIQ Society member, Mr. Zhang Zhibin. In April 23, 2016, Eyes of Truth Society was officially included in World Genius Directory.

Time limited test is not accepted for admission to Eye of Truth society; instead, we accept part of the high range IQ test. To join the Eyes of Truth society, it is required to provide two different types of the high range IQ test score reports, both scored over 153.