GIGA Society

99.9999999 th percentile; IQ 190 sd15, IQ 196 sd16

≥ 6 standard deviations above the mean

5th WIN member society (since 05/2004)


Giga Society was founded in 1996 by Paul Cooijmans, who has served as its administrator ever since. There are currently seven members in the Giga Society.

The society aims to develop IQ tests up to the sixth standard deviation above the statistical mean of the general, unselected population, thus representing the highest possible level. It aims to achieve this by exchanging experiences with other High IQ societies and by working with psychometricians.

It rewards high-scoring performers for their contribution to the study and measurement of high intelligence, and particularly for the establishment of norms for this very high range. Giga Society aims to develop and use the most difficult tests in intelligence testing, but wouldn’t claim to measure an exact IQ at the sixth standard deviation above the statistical mean; as yet, no reference groups are available at this level to verify the correlation of the accepted tests.

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