98 th percentile; IQ 130 sd15, IQ 132 sd16

≥ 2 standard deviations above the mean

11th WIN member society (since 05/2010)


Ingenium was founded in 2008 and has currently 70 members from all over the world. Ingenium accepts members that can provide the society with an IQ score at or above the 98th percentile on a valid standardized or high-range IQ test. Ingenium staff are well educated and have a lot of experience regarding tests, membership, and questions regarding the society. Ingenium has its own magazine Charta Ingeniosus, which is created by the members. The magazine is also free for Uniq and Logiq members.

Ingenium is a latin word which means “talent”; it can also be used as “nature”, or “Innate character”. Ingenium HIQS lets the members showcase their skills in art, poetry, music, and puzzles, and these are often posted on the Ingenium HIQS site.

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