Light of Glory (争辉)

争辉 (Chinese)
Light of Glory (English)
Lumine gloriae (Latin)

90.88 th percentile; IQ 120 sd15, IQ 121 sd16

≥ 1,33 standard deviations above the mean

56th WIN member society (since 07/2017)


Light of Glory Society was founded in March 15, 2015 by OLYMPIQ Society member, Mr. Zhang Zhibin. In April 23, 2016, Light of Glory High IQ Society was officially included in World Genius Directory.

Among the people of the crowd, whose IQs are all around 120 or higher are considered as clever level. Light of Glory Society is a circle of friends which is based on an IQ threshold, and aims to attract the people all over the world who is clever enough and wants to seek common ground.