METIQ Society

METIQ Society

99.99 th percentile; IQ 156 sd15, IQ 160 sd16

≥ 3,73 standard deviations above the mean

64th WIN member society (since 07/2017)


As of 2016, Japan has few extremely high IQ groups compared to other developed countries. The place of exchange for people with high IQ is limited, and there is a reality that choices are very few. Also, even if someone belongs to a high IQ group abroad, he often hears that there is no meaningful activity from the difference of language and culture background.

With the presence of multiple high IQ organizations, we have launched “METIQ” that each characteristic is demonstrated and that its significance comes to exist. Our society is an organization that is completely neutral (not involved) with respect to political, religious, and other individual activities.

“METIQ” welcomes any Japanese who has scored an IQ at the top 0.01% of the unselected population on 2 separate IQ tests.