95th percentile; IQ 124 sd15, IQ 125 sd16

≥ 1.66 standard deviations above the mean

23rd WIN member society (since 03/2011)


The omIQami is an international online no-profit “Knowledge & high IQ” society founded on May.10.2010 by Andrea Toffoli with the aim of giving informations about Japanese culture and gathering two kind of people:

* Qualified people with an high IQ (intelligence quotient) involved or interested in Japanese studies and culture.

* Japanese people with an high IQ (intelligence quotient) and connoisseur of their culture.

The society name is a word play making use of the Japanese word Omikami (great God), generally used to qualify the Shintoist Goddess Amaterasu (patron of Yamato clan), and the acronym IQ (intelligence quotient).


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