QIQ Society


85th percentile; IQ 115 sd15, IQ 116 sd16

≥ 1 standard deviation above the mean

24th WIN member society (since 03/2011)


Founded in 2011 by Dr Evangelos G. Katsioulis, QIQ society is an international society for people demonstrated high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) at or above the first standard deviation above the statistical mean of the population (i.e. IQ 115, sd 15 or IQ 116, sd 16). The society sponsors international memberships.

The name QIQ comes from the phonetic combination of the word kick and the IQ component. The number of letters before the IQ component of the society name (Q, 1) is directly related to the one standard deviation above the mean required on an IQ performance for anyone to claim membership in the society.

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