Silver Horn Society (银色号角)

银色号角 (Chinese)
Silver Horn Society (English)
Argentum Horn (Latin)

99.02 th percentile; IQ 135 sd15, IQ 137 sd16

≥ 2,33 standard deviations above the mean

57th WIN member society (since 07/2017)


Silver Horn Society was founded in 2015 by OLYMPIQ Society member, Mr. Zhang Zhibin. In April 23, 2016, Silver Horn Society was officially included in World Genius Directory.

Silver Horn Society is a Chinese high IQ society. The society is open to those people with an IQ equal or greater than an IQ 135 sd15. The only purpose of the society is to gather people for friendly exchange.

To join the Sliver Horn society, you have to provide two different types of IQ test score reports which may include a numerical type, spatial type or verbal type of test. You can choose any two different IQ test types optionally and get an IQ score above 135. Then you are ready to join us.