STHIQ Society

99.9th percentile; IQ 146.4 sd15, IQ 149.5 sd16

≥ 3.093 standard deviations above the mean

31st WIN member society (since 01/2012)

STHIQ Society was founded in 2011 by Gaetano Morelli, with the aim to bring together intellectually highly gifted persons with an IQ in the top 0.1% of the unselected adult population (IQ 146.4 SD=15).

STHIQ provides an intellectual private space on the web, in which its members can share ideas, knowledge, opinions, projects, etc.

The word “STHIQ” is the acronym of “Space Time High Intelligence Quotient”, which derives from the name of the 4 dimension structure of the universe, the “Space-Time”, described in the “Theory of Relativity” (by Albert Einstein), which is certainly one of the greatest expressions of human intelligence


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