UNIQ Society


99 th percentile; IQ 135 sd15, IQ 137 sd16

≥ 2.31 standard deviations above the mean

12th WIN member society (since 05/2010)


Uniq Society was founded in 2009 and went online on 1/1/10. Uniq is looking for the truly creative genius, the composer, the scientist, the writer. UNIQ society was founded with the aim of bringing intelligent individuals together to express creativity, share ideas and to be able to discuss openly various topics without any restrictions. Uniq Society has its own magazine, Charta Ingeniosus, which is created by the members. The magazine is also for the members of Ingenium HIQS and Logiq Society.

To become a member of Uniq, you must provide evidence of an IQ at or above the 99th percentile, this corresponds to an IQ of 135 (SD=15) / 137 (SD=16), Sigma 2.31. Uniq accepts standardized and high-range IQ tests.

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