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Mails could be directed to the WIN administration offices in Greece:

World Intelligence Network HQ
PO Box 12100
PC 54110

Following is the email contacts list of the World Intelligence Network Departments, Committees and Officers:

WIN Committees
WIN Executive Committee (WEC) WEC@IQsociety.org
WIN Web Committee (WWC) WWC@IQsociety.org
WIN Psychometric Committee (WPC) WPC@IQsociety.org
WIN Public Relations Committee (WPRC) WPRC@IQsociety.org
WIN Departments
WIN ONE Magazine WINONE@IQsociety.org
WIN Boards Administration team BOARD@IQsociety.org
WIN Information Desk INFO@IQsociety.org
WIN IQ Tests Department TEST@IQsociety.org
National Intelligence Networks (NINs)
Arabian Intelligence Network INFO@ARAB.IQsociety.org
Chilean Intelligence Network INFO@CHILEAN.IQsociety.org
Chinese Intelligence Network INFO@CHINESE.iqsociety.org
Cypriot Intelligence Network INFO@CYPRIOT.IQsociety.org
Finnish Intelligence Network INFO@FINNISH.IQsociety.org
French Intelligence Network INFO@FRENCH.IQsociety.org
German Intelligence Network GERMAN@IQsociety.org
Greek Intelligence Network GREEK@IQsociety.org
Italian Intelligence Network INFO@ITALIAN.IQsociety.org
Japanese Intelligence Network JAPAN@IQsociety.org
Norwegian Intelligence Network NORWEGIAN@IQsociety.org
Portuguese/Brazilian Intelligence Network PORTUGUESE@IQsociety.org
Serbian Intelligence Network SERBIAN@IQsociety.org
Spanish Intelligence Network SPANISH@IQsociety.org
Swedish Intelligence Network SWEDISH@IQsociety.org
Turkish Intelligence Network TURKISH@IQsociety.org
Special Interest Societies (SIS)
ARTISTIQ Society ARTIST@IQsociety.org
POETIQ Society POET@IQsociety.org
PSYCHIQ Society PSYCH@IQsociety.org
WIN Officers
WIN Founder (Evangelos Katsioulis) FOUNDER@IQsociety.org
WIN President (Evangelos Katsioulis) PRESIDENT@IQsociety.org
WIN Vice President (Manahel Thabet) VICE.PRESIDENT@IQsociety.org
Dr Evangelos Katsioulis KATSIOULIS@IQsociety.org

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Facebook Connect (Facebook to WIN bridge)
Information: The Facebook to WIN bridge has been created for the 110,000 Mensa members who cannot, as yet, access the WIN. Unfortunately Mensa is not affiliated with the WIN, therfore, Mensa members will first need to join another High IQ Society that is affiliated with the WIN before they can join the WIN and access the WIN Forum. Mensan’s will need to follow these instructions.


1. Mensa members, for easy access to the WIN you can first join the bridge at

Note: Anyone can join the bridge (joining the bridge is NOT joining the WIN) and if you have a Facebook account you can use the “Facebook Connect” option to quickly and easily join the Fb2win Bridge.

2. Then, as a must, all Mensans are invited to join one of the societies affiliated to the WIN. Mensa members may be able to join Ingenium, Atlantiq, Greatest Minds, BPIQ & IQuestion High IQ Societies, (providing the applicants fulfill the other requirements of their chosen society). Or follow the links to the other societies on the fb2win or WIN websites.

3. Once you are a member of an affiliated society you can then join the WIN using the same email you used to join the affiliated society. Joining instructions are posted on the Home page of the fb2win website.