WIN Boards

The WIN organization established a well-organized, interactive and specialized platform for the communication needs of all the members of the affiliated societies.

The WIN boards are built on the phpBB3 software, a safe, secure and well organized discussion boards platform. The navigation bar and information is available in 46 languages. The WIN boards are hosted on

All members of the WIN affiliated societies can register an account and gain access to the forums of the societies they hold membership. For your information, we provide the step by step process of registration to the WIN boards.

1. Visit the WIN boards


2. Register an account in the WIN boards


3. Email the WIN boards administration requesting access to the forums of the societies you hold membership

4. Login to the WIN boards


5. Visit the WIN Public Portal with important information about the use of the WIN boards


6. Visit the WIN Private Boards where information about current news, updates, policies is published


7. Visit the list of forums of the societies that you hold membership in


8. Visit the dedicated forum of the societies that you hold membership in


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