Gallop your IQ

We are galloping the IQs of Facebook users. Facebook is the 2nd most visited website and the top social networking site (at least as far as we are aware). The distribution of IQ scores among users of FB could well be representing the distribution of IQ scores among the internet-using part of the population of the developed world.

We do not attempt to produce scientifically accurate data, since anyone can state anything on the basis that anyone can choose-like any score-page for him/herself without any further confirmation or validation of his/her choice. In any case, it is going to be fun. Feel free to share this page with your friends on your Facebook profiles. The more people having taken the test, the more exciting the results will be.

Any Facebook user may choose his best IQ – Like the relevant page and contribute to our project. There is no discrimination and anyone can take part in this contest. Child IQs (fraction of mental to physical age) are also included and that is the reason that IQ > 200 are also among the choices. All IQs are preferably transformed on the classical standard deviation of 16 (Stanford-Binet scale). Here are a few examples of this transformation:

Mensa level: IQ 132, sd 16 (2 standard deviations above the mean IQ 100)
CIVIQ level: IQ 148, sd 16 (3 standard deviations above the mean IQ 100)
HELLIQ level: IQ 164, sd 16 (4 standard deviations above the mean IQ 100)
OLYMPIQ level: IQ 180, sd 16 (5 standard deviations above the mean IQ 100)
GIGA level: IQ 196, sd 16 (6 standard deviations above the mean IQ 100)

Following are the relevant Pages covering the range from IQ 100 – 500+:
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  1. Timothy
    January 1, 2012

    Hello there. I was given an achievement test in the 6th grade and scored highly. I was informed that my IQ was 134 and they told me my reading level was that of a sophomore in college. I suspect that may have been the beginning of my downfall…

  2. Timothy
    January 1, 2012

    I say that in the respect that the child informed thusly may well do absolutely nothing with all of his/her ability and intellect!

    I know I’ve not done all that much, but my journey is ongoing, and I’ve still much 2 accomplish!~

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