WIN People

WIN is an international organization, a global society, created to host highly intelligent people’s ideas, thoughts, projects, interactions and support their communication. As it is the case in any community, the organization is primarily focused on its members, the people who are involved in our everyday activities and contribute to the development and promotion of the communication among gifted individuals.

Any member of any High IQ Society affiliated with the WIN organization may contact the WIN administration desk and submit her/his profile requesting to have their profile published in the WIN web

In this context, it is suggested to introduce our members to each other and to the public. Following is a list of our members, officers and contributors (names arranged in alphabetical order):

Soren Andersen
Dr Jason Betts, BSc, DipMSc, PhD, DSc.
Ivan Ivec
Johannes Jung
Dr Evangelos Katsioulis, MD, MA, MSc, PhD
YoungHoon Bryan Kim (김영훈)
Vuk Mirčetić
Gaetano Morelli
Fernando Barbosa Neto
Jakub Oblizajek
Dr George Ch. Petasis
Graham Powell, BA (Hons), MA, PGCE, FRSA
Arttu Purmonen

Jo Christopher Montalban Resquites
Marco Ripà, BEconSc
Alejandro RR
Nuno Norte de Sousa Silva
Dr Manahel Thabet, PhD
Lucas Thung
Masaaki Yamauchi
Panagiotis Zikos

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