Marco Ripà, BEconSc

Marco Ripà (BEconSc – magna cum laude) was born in Rome in 1984. He typed academic papers on subprime mortgage crisis, market failures, currency speculation and social justice.

He consider himself an autodidact with a wide range of interests. He received one honor prize during his high school years, achieving also a second place in a high school Mathematics competition during the same period. He is an author of number theory papers (published on Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics journal, Rudimatematici, Matematicamente, viXra, WIN ONE, IQNexus Magazine, AtlantIQ Magazine, cited on Wikipedia too) and the father of some integer sequences listed in OEIS. At the moment he is a budding writer working on his first novel while, in November 2011, he published a book on hyperoperators and big numbers (ISBN 9788861787896). In December 2012, Marco Ripà and Gaetano Morelli published a proposal to produce a new, computer-based generation of IQ tests for the high range (from +3σ and higher above the mean) without being prone to cheating (Retro-analytical Reasoning IQ tests for the High Range).

He is member of about thirty high IQ societies (from Altacapacidadhispana to Ultranet) and a lot of other similar groups. He founded the sPIqr Society (15th member of the World Intelligence Network) on 18th Ferbruary 2010 and he is the creator of the X-Test, a very difficult logical/numerical test with some divergent thinking.

email: [email protected]

Marco’s presentations on the 12th Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness, Dubai 2012:

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