Nuno Norte de Sousa Silva

Nuno Silva
Birth date: 17 March 1996

I.Q: 152 sd15

Inspirations: Quentin Tarantino, Albert Einstein, my best friend 😉

Religion: Agnostic with some Buddhist beliefs

Interests: Psychology, Philosophy, Paranormal, Intelligence, Cognitive Sciences, Neuroscience, Cinema, Life and Death

Music: Rock, Classic, Lounge, Underground

Movies: American Psycho, Rain Man, Little Man Tate, Natural Born Killers, Pulp Fiction, Hannibal Lecter movies, Inception

Personality: INTJ/INTP

Qualities: Sensitive, Eidetic-Memory (selective), Good Heart

Defects: Distracted, Nervous, Mood Swings

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Aspirations: Inner Peace

Member of Spiqr, Epida and World Genius Directory

Email: [email protected]

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