Alejandro RR

Alejandro RR
I born in Chile, graduated from high school in ìColegio Constitucionî school, one of the best educational establishments in Chile according to news media and academics scores. (100 best schools of the decade in SIMCE)[]

I had a varied education among the classes found philosophy (particularly ethics and morality), English and French, to name a few. Participated in extracurricular activities such as Chess, Theatre, and trips.

I got scores of 700 and 740 in verbal and math areas respectively.

Currently have an employment contract for more than five years controlling oil consumption of a fleet of trucks carrying wood through internet and GPS, and other sporadic jobs additional always around the internet because this lets do it from any physical location in where i stay, although travels little because im being focused on my financial issues.

Frequently i check online publications related to technology, science, psychology and various areas of knowledge, especially a Wikipedia lover and to documentaries on YouTube.

My interest in Evangelos Katsioulis be considered the best results in IQ tests in the world, brought me into contact with he incidentally through e-mail and work as volunteer at the National Intelligence Network of Chile, writing some articles for the same, in addition to the articles already had done to other sites on the web.

In January 2013 did the W.A.I.S. III test of IQ, taken by an psychologist, i getting a score of 112.

In May 2014 did the ENSDT untimed test and i get a score 23.76/31 equivalent to IQ 153 sd15.

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+ sPIqr Society

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