Dr Jason Betts, BSc, DipMSc, PhD, DSc.

Dr Jason Betts, BSc, DipMSc, PhD, DSc.


EarthHeart.com.au website for global feelings feedback
Editor of the World Genius Directory and IQ Societies List
Many high range IQ tests, such as the Lux25, WIT, Mathema and Asterix
The Betts Square Arithmetic Tool and Number Representation, The Betts Virtuegrams
The book “A Guide to the New Age“, nationally published in Australia (and now online)
The book “Maths Experiments for Year 9“, nationally published by Software Publications


Winner of the 2008 Australian Psychic of the Year, Australian Psychics Association
Winner of the 2010 Tasmanian Psychic of the Year, Australian Psychics Association
Celebrity Psychic on the 2008 Psychic TV show, Channel 7’s ‘The One’ (Fox Studios)
Founder of the Tasmanian Psychic Expos and the Tasmanian Natural Therapy Directory


30th Degree Freemason with 5 knighthoods, 4 diplomas, 3 certificates, 2 doctorates, 1 bachelor
Philosopher of The 4 Directives of the Meaning of Life and the 5 Steps to Finding Happiness
Buddho Reiki Shihan, able to transmit enlightenment consciousness to any person by touch
Abbot, The Order of the Mystic Rose (weddings, Doctorate of Divinity distance learning)

IQ Memberships

Helliq Society, Prometheus Society, Australian Mensa and the Triple Nine Society


EarthHeart – http://earthheart.com.au

World Genius Directory – http://psiq.org

Jason Betts Psychic Line – http://psychics.net.au

Creations – http://www.emeraldalchemy.com/jasons_creations

email: [current year]@psiq.org , for instance [email protected], where yyyy can be replaced with the current year

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