Dr George Ch. Petasis

Dr George Ch. Petasis

Studied Medicine in Aristotle University Thessaloniki Greece. Managing Director of Allonse Ltd New Media Services.

Member of the International High-IQ Society, Mysterium Society, Mensa Society, Poetic Genius Society, The CIVIQ Society, The HELLIQ Society and The OLYMPIQ Society.

Interests in the psychological determination of human behavior, various philosophical theories, experimenting with life, writing poetry, literature, politics. Founder of LOGOS Philosophy Group in Cyprus. Languages (Greek, Ancient Greek, English, French ).

Hobbies : Philosophy, Music ( Elvis Presley still alive ), studies in violin, piano and music theory ( Royal Academy of Music -United Kingdom ). Tennis, Chess, Bowling, Karaoke.

Born in Famagusta, Cyprus at 14/01/1974. Permanent citizen in Limassol, Cyprus

Website: www.georgepetasis.com

E-mail: [email protected]

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