Gaetano Morelli

I was born in Italy in 1973.

I am an engineer and I work in an informatics company.

I like science very much and I have a big passion for physics. I wrote a book about the Theory of Relativity by A. Einstein, which is my favourite scientific author.

Other hobbies and interests: chess, bridge, poetry, music (especially classical), mathematics, puzzles (solving and creating), IQ-tests, soccer, engines, fishing …and others.

On May-10-2011 I founded the STHIQ Society, a society for people with an IQ in the top 0,1% of the unselected population.

Currently I am full member of about 20 High Iq Societies, including sinApsa, Tetra, Grand-IQ Society (Elite Member), MIQRO, Top Grand Society (Grand Member), Epida, ISI-Society, Ludomind, Milenija, CIVIQ, Creative Genius Society (honorary member)… etc.

In December 2012, Marco Ripà and Gaetano Morelli published a proposal to produce a new, computer-based generation of IQ tests for the high range (from +3σ and higher above the mean) without being prone to cheating (Retro-analytical Reasoning IQ tests for the High Range).

Email: [email protected]

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