Dear OLYMPIQ members,
We have a new OLYMPIQ member, Martin Tobias Lithner, Founder of the Ingenium, UNIQ, LOGIQ High IQ Society and the International Society for Cognitive Excellence!
Martin, welcome to the OLYMPIQ Society!
Evangelos Katsioulis

Dear OLYMPIQ members,
We have a new OLYMPIQ member, Wayne Zhang!
Wayne, welcome to the OLYMPIQ Society!
Evangelos Katsioulis

The OLYMPIQ Society Psychometric Committee over viewed the currently available IQ tests and suggested a revised list of acceptable for membership tests. From now on, new OLYMPIQ Society memberships can be supported by any of the 61 currently ac…

[Final synthesis of the 2011 OLYMPIQ Council] Following the unique nomination of Evangelos Katsioulis for the 2011 OLYMPIQ President position and George Petasis for the Vice President post there will be no elections for these posts. Dr Evangelos Katsioulis will be also supporting the Society administration serving as the OLYMPIQ Internet and Membership Officer. The […]

Dear OLYMPIQ members, The nomination period for the 2011 OLYMPIQ Society Council has now started. All OLYMPIQ members can now nominate themselves or any other society member for the President, Vice-President, Membership Officer and Internet Officer posts. The entire procedure will take place in the WIN boards OLYMPIQ society forums*. The nominations will be open […]

The OLYMPIQ Society web is now updated. Built on the WordPress blog platform, the society web theme is amended including
a brief society description,
random members’ profile pictures,
the top 10 visiting countries and
RSS feeds from a…

All members of the OLYMPIQ Society and all the WIN affiliated societies will be regularly meeting on the WIN Chat server every Saturday 17:00 GMT +0, 17:00 UTC, 13:00 Eastern Time Zone, 12:00 Central Time Zone, 11:00 Mountain Time Zone 10:00 Pacific Time Zone These events will be entirely hosted on the WIN server. The […]

The OLYMPIQ Society qualification tests list is now amended including three standardized IQ tests by Paul Cooijmans:
Test For Genius (TFG), Paul Cooijmans
Cooijmans Intelligence Test (CIT), Paul Cooijmans
Nemesis Test, Paul Cooijmans
For further inform…

  The OLYMPIQ society has a new member! Dr. Christopher Philip Harding, Founder of the International Society for Philosophical Enquiries, is the 14th OLYMPIAN ! Dr Harding, welcome to the OLYMPIQ Society!

Dear OLYMPIQ members,
The society web has been updated including RSS feeds about High IQ from and
Any member could suggest intelligence-related feeds for our website.