Dear OLYMPIQ members,
We initiated the printing and submission process of the electronic forms of the membership certificates to our members. A draft copy of the standard certificate is provided for your information below:

Interested members could e…

Dear OLYMPIQ members,
The elections process for the OLYMPIQ Council is now over.
The 2010 OLYMPIQ Council synthesis is as follows:
OLYMPIQ President: Thomas Baumer
OLYMPIQ Vice President: Evangelos Katsioulis
OLYMPIQ Internet Officer: Evangelos Katsiou…

Dear OLYMPIQ society members, The elections process for the OLYMPIQ Society Council has started! Any OLYMPIQ member could demonstrate his/her interest for any officer position of the Council. You can either post a simple initial statement of candidacy here or in the OLYMPIQ boards hosted at the main WIN boards. OLYMPIQ Council synthesis requires a […]

International High-Intelligence’s Society for the top 0.00003% of the general population The abilities of OLYMPIQ members are extremely rare, since only 1’800 out of the 6’400’000’000 can qualify for membership Thus, an IQ of 180, sd 16 respectively IQ 175, sd 15, is required to become a member of this exclusive High IQ society The […]