OLYMPIQ Society has a new member, Qiao Hansheng, 19 years old from China. Qiao is interested in Mathematics, Chess, Cube, Physics, Movies and (all kinds of) Music. His hobbies include Violin, Horizontal bar, Ping-Pong and Logic tests for fun. He is a member of the Intelligence Top Two Percent Society (China), Different Better Clever Society […]

Dear friends, We announce the release of our new OLYMPIQ Society Membership & Subscription certificate. The new certificate is redesigned from scratch and it is produced using Medieval fonts. The new membership certificate is issued in image .png format supporting a transparent background. Current Society members can request to have their own new membership certificate. […]

Dear OLYMPIQ members, We have a new OLYMPIQ member, Santanu Sengupta! Santanu is a finance professional and he is interested in travelling, reading, stimulating discussions, solving puzzles, financial markets, rare attempts at trying to beat the odds in a casino, good food and his occasional peg or two. He is a member of Colossus, Generiq, […]

All OLYMPIQ Society Members can now post and edit their articles on the main OLYMPIQ Society web. If you are interested in this option, you can follow these steps: 1. Register an account in OLYMP.IQsociety.org 2. Email the society administration ([email protected]) or Evangelos Katsioulis ([email protected]) and inform us of your username, full name and all […]