IRSCA Gifted Education

Dear friends,

We received the following message from Mrs Monica Gheorghiu about the IRSCA Gifted Education program in Romania:

Dear Mr. Karsioulis,

The Internet brings good people together. Do you think are there members of the IQ Society who would like to become the founders of a center for gifted kids in Romania?

If you come across someone with the same dream as me, 🙂 tell him we are here and we need some people to BUILD. We have thought of even building it from cob. (from earth) 🙂 It is usually happening when there are no funds, but there is a big willing to achieve to have a place where people can share and develop. 🙂

See here the pics of kids in their activities:

Our project is availabe at:

A brochure in English as well as a presentation are available there

We have art to sale, and we hope the magnats of the world will buy it, to fund the center for children:

These are the letters from the children all over Romania saying “THANK YOU” to the 60 magnats in US who decided this year to donate more than half of their wealth to charitable funds in spite of the crisis in order to show the right spiritual direction we should all take. In an effort to show how important kindness is, the children in Romania show their gratitute for all the good that now is done in world, and for the chance to have a better world tomorrow, for everyone. The campaign is still on, children continue to send till we reach 10.000 letters and enter the GUINESS BOOK. ALL Children from PLANET EARTH CAN JOIN

I would be happy to hear from you more.

See you!


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