‘King of the Nerds’ casting

Dear friends,

We received the following invitation to the ‘King of the Nerds‘ show casting.

By no means WIN is related to this project and presenting this invitation here does not imply that we recommend or sponsor your participation in such projects:

I hope this email finds you well.
I’m currently casting a show called King of the Nerds which is a
Nerd/geek Competition based show, designed to
showcase the passions and knowledge of nerds/geeks between the ages of
21 and 30, as they compete to win a cash prize. It will be hosted by 2
of the original cast members from Revenge of the Nerds. We are looking
for gamers, comic book fanatics, movie buffs, programmers, scientists,
chess masters, role players, inventors, you name it.
It would be absolutely amazing if you could help me find the best of
the best. I’d love to speak with the champion in Magic the Gathering,
or the top dog of WoW, or your smartest friend who can write a program
for anything, etc. Any and all recommendations for candidates or
suggestions of who to speak with would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Lexi Shoemaker
King of the Nerds
Casting Director

You can directly contact the casting director using the email:

[email protected]

and also download the casting brochure here

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  1. Graham Powell
    September 23, 2011

    I’m all for equal opportunities in this world and look forward to the upcoming show “Queen of the Nerds”, though that title may also be misinterpreted. (“Majesty of the Nerds”?)
    Whatever, in Italy there is a similar programme where “Swots” and “bimbos” struggle to get it together and/or solve various problems, etc. (Excuse the terms, but that’s how they translate)

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