Phenomenon 25, just released

We are delighted to announce the release of the latest issue of our journal, Phenomenon 25.

In this issue, you can enjoy the following discussions, articles, tests and pieces of art:
P. 3 Introduction by the Editorial Duo
P. 4 The Beasts by Graham Powell
P. 5 Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit: An Exploratory Encounter–
by Paul J. Edgeworth
P.23 Three People on a Bus by Graham Powell
P.25 Sigma Test Extended by Hindemburg Melão Jr.
Translated from Portuguese to English by Eisque Nezuka
P.48 Art by Anja Jaenicke
P.50 Art by Arnold Toulon
P.51 Poem by Arnold Toulon
P.53 Giselle – A Portrait
P.54 Brilliance, Resilience, Perseverance and Wisdom by G. Powell
P.56 Interview with Steven Pinker by Scott Douglas Jacobsen
P.74 Conversation with Claus Volko – Scott Douglas Jacobsen
P.80 Art by Slava Lanush

From here, we would like to thank all our journal contributors for their submissions and the journal editors, Graham Powell and Krystal Volney for their time and work put on editing this issue.

You may also overview the entire collection of WIN ONE and Phenomenon issues.

The coming issue is planned to be released in 2 March 2023. WIN members may directly contact Phenomenon editors with their submissions.

WIN Administration Office

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