The Cut-off policy of the EVANGELIQ and ESOTERIQ

Dear all who make an attempt to enter the Evangeliq and the Esoteriq societies,

The minimum cut-off of the ESOTERIQ society is IQ190, sd15, but I can accept the borderline of the decimal score between 189.5 and 189.9.

Hence, the minimum cut-off is revised as follow.

ESOTERIQ Society: 189.5, SD15, or 195.5, SD16

EVANGELIQ Society : 197.5, SD15, or 204, SD16

The IQ score between 189.0 and 189.4, sd15 is invalid to the ESOTERIQ membership.

The IQ score between 197.o and 197.4, sd15 also is invalid to the EVANGELIQ membership either.







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