Tsunami hit the northeastern Japan.

11th March 2011, there was a big earthquake in the northeastern sea of Japanese island. The big tsunami followed and left the formidable damage to northeastern coast. Yet, the total life losses and physical damages were not summarized. 3 days after, at least 1,600 people was killed. More than 10 thousands of people was losted. Some of the atomic reators was destroyed and many worried the leakage of the toxic radioactive materials.


As you know, Tsunami is the Japanese word, of course this word have the Chinese ideogram. Literally tsunami means the port + the wave. I will show the word meaning the earthquake too. Some Koreans think that tsunami is an English word, for this word are used internationally. Koreans are using another word “hae eel” meaning the Sea + Boiling. Chinese also have another word “Hai Xiao” meaning Tsunami literally the Sea + Whistling. 

korean pronunciation Zin Pa Zi zin

chinese pronunciation jin bo Di Zhen

japanese pronunciation Tsunami Zisin

The following painting is one of the most famous as the Japanese art culture.

Actually, it was not tsunami, but a big wave in front of Kanagawa(South of Tokyo).

But the image shows the religious terror of the overwhelming ocean.


ArtistKatsushika Hokusai

Yearc. 1829–32

Typecolor woodcut

Dimensions25.7 cm × 37.8 cm (10.1 in × 14.9 in)



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