Warning about the highest IQ persons

Dear all,

The founder of the ESOTERIQ and EVANGELIQ societies, Masaaki Yamuchi is currently creating his own personal web only in English.


As a kind of his interest, he is seeking some objective reliable articles and information about the highest IQ persons.


You can contact me if you have some information about the highest IQ persons.

Keep it in your mind that the definition of “the highest IQ person” means a person who archived the highest score on a reliable IQ test, so don`t send me any message without an objective reliable IQ score evidence about the persons.

For example, if somebody claims ” Terence Tao is the highest IQ person in the world” , it is definitely false because he has no official IQ score evidence.


Additionally speaking, If somebody claims “The highest IQ person in 20 century is Albert Einstein“, it is definitely false either because Einstein had never taken any IQ test as far as I know.

Then, If somebody claims “A MathematicianCarolus Fridericus Gauss is the highest IQ person in 19 century“, it is definitely false either because there was no IQ test in 19 century.


The highest IQ man in 21 century :

198, sd15 on N-VCPE-R,

Dr. Evangelos G. katsioulis, http://www.katsioulis.com

The highest IQ woman in 21 century :

181, sd15 on Taitan Test,

Marilyn Vos Savant,  http://marilynvossavant.com

The highest IQ man in 20 century :

192, sd15 on Stanford- Binet New-Zealand version as Oxford-analysis

Dr.Christopher Philip Harding, http://www.eoht.info/page/Guinness+Book+IQ

The highest IQ woman in 20 century :

181, sd15 on Taitan test,

Marilyn Vos Savant,  http://marilynvossavant.com

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