a Door or a Gate

korean pronunciation Moon

chinese pronunciation Men

japanese pronunciation Mon

This letter needs not any explanation.

Do you remember the Tianmen massacre? Tianmen means ‘Heavenly Peace Gate’.

Compare the traditional ‘men’ and the simplified ‘men’, a gate.


In Seoul, you might see this stone gate.

Bul-Ro-Moon means No ageing Gate. This is made of only one piece of stone. It is said that if you walk through the gate, you do not get older. Of course, it is a kind of joke. One of Kings of Chosun Dynasty ordered to build the gate. The picture is the one of the copy and laid on the subway corridor near the Kyungbok Palace, which is one of the best palace in Seoul and has the original Bul-Ro-Moon.

Though its shape is very simple, it costs much to make those gates with one piece of stone. There are many copy Bul-Ro-Moon’s here and there, one piece gate is very scarce.













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