The new Esoteriq member, Sanghyun Cho from Korea. Welcome to the ESOTERIQ Society, Sanghyun.  

All IQ tests on the site will be used as the ESOTERIQ admission when it has a valid real norm report.

JIN supervisor, Esoteriq founder, Heuristiq founder received the following e-mail. All people having interested in Computational Intelligence can participate in the congress. —————————–~********~——————————– 2016 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, Canada 25-29 July 2016 —————————–~********~——————————– On behalf of the IEEE WCCI 2016 Organizing Committee, it is our great pleasure to […]

The new Esoteriq member, Dawid Skrzos which is also the Olympiq subscriber.
David reached 6sd IQ score on Numerus by Ivan Ivec in 2015 at the newest norm report.

Dear all people applying the ESOTERIQ and EVANGELIQ societies, Unlike the WIN five league (QIQ, GRIQ, CIVIQ, HELLIQ, OLYMPIQ), the ESOTERIQ and EVANGELIQ have no subscriber membership policy because of the extremely high cut-off. There is only full membership on the both societies, then both of them will never create any subscriber, perspective, honorary or […]

The sixth member of the ESOTERIQ society, ISPE founder, Highest IQ man on Guinness World Record, Christopher Philip Harding appears on the ABC News Report in Australia.

The World IQ Challenge by Brennan Martin is invalid as the Esoteriq admission at the present because the current norm report is not enough standardized at the sixth deviation. However, it will exactly valid as the Esoteriq and Evangeliq admission when the first official norm to be published after 30 entries.

The JIN supervisor, Masaaki Yamauchi created the Japanese wikipedia for the WIN vice president Dr Manahel.マナヘル・ターベット  

The 32nd WIN society, the MIQRO society founder Yui Yamaguchi suicided by taking sleeping pills on December 2013. Rest in Peace Yui !