The author of SLSE-1, SLSE-2, and SLSE48, Jonathan Wai was closed up on several psychology medias.

Dear all, The JIN supervisor, Masaaki Yamauchi has succeed to establish the two exclusive high IQ societies, the ESOTERIQ society and the EVANGELIQ society. The current most exclusive high IQ societies are the GIGA and GRAIL societies by Paul Cooijmans, but there was a phrase “ The memberless Grail Society claims to accept one in 100 […]

There was a girl who scored IQ 225 in ratio scale officially.
IQ 225 in ratio scale is almost equal to some IQ 180 with sd15 in deviation scale.

Dear all WIN people, Today, the JIN supervisor, Masaaki Yamauchi began the support of the World Vision Japan which is famous NPO for supporting the third world children. The English words “Love and Support” is described “愛救” in Japanese and it pronounce exactly same as the word “IQ” As a duty of the highest 愛救 person in […]

JIN supervisor, the ESOTERIQ society and the EVANGELIQ society founder, Masaaki Yamauchi begins his own personal web.
The web site is created only in English, but it is still under construction.
Please check it constantly.

A new high IQ society, EVANGELIQ Society was born in January 19th, 2013 in memory of the WIN founder, Dr.Evangelos Katsioulis`s 37th birthday. The sound of the name of the society comes from the combination of both his first name  ”EVANGELOS” and his nick name “GRIQ” (EVANGRIQ), so the society name has no religious concept […]   Evangelos Katsioulis, IQ198 Rcik Rosner, IQ192 Mislav Predavec, IQ 192 Kenneth Ferrell,  IQ190 Patrick Zimmerschied, IQ178 Tim Roberts, IQ178 Lee HanKyung, IQ177 Kouno Tadayuki, IQ176 Peter Rodgers, IQ175 Vedran Glisic, IQ175  

There was a phrase “ The memberless Grail Society claims to accept one in 100 billion people—no one has applied so far “ on Scientific American MIND November 2012. When High IQs Hang Out “Genius” societies offer a social network for the top tier of test-takers By Lena Groeger  

Graphic Artist Allison Morris reaches out to connect with the ESOTERIQ founder. The graphic Allison wanted to pass along specifically examines the state of America’s  visual IQ: You are welcome to post or share the graphic with proper attribution to the original source, and any comments/thoughts would also be greatly appreciated.

JIN supervisor created a list of all Japanese members in the WIN societies. As far as I checked,  there are 36 Japanese members at the present (alphabetically) The Japanese people are called JINICIAN and all of them are essential matter to promote high intelligence factor on Japanese Intelligence Network. 1. Baku Saito (ULTIMA) 2. D.T […]