Gabriel Itgabs just started following at Gabriel is a VP Engineering, Product manager in Calfornia. He is learning about “whatisfiction” Itgabs is uploaded via “” on the YOUTUBE. His web: His slideshare:

The ESOTERIQ founder, Masaaki Yamauchi begins the Twitter.
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The ESOTERIQ society was founded in 01/01/2011 and the website was created in January 2012 by JIN supervisor, Masaaki Yamauchi. Since January 2012, the visitors have been over 25.000 people, which mean the number of the visitors is about 70 people per day. The ESOTERIQ is a society for the sacrosanct highest IQ people […]

According to the TIME newsfeed, 4 years-old girl has become Mensa Member.

Dear all WIN society officers Currently, there is no person scored IQ 222 (neither SD15 nor SD16) on any IQ tests in the world. The International High IQ Society always puts the IQ score under the society logo, never produce any certificate which is put the IQ score on next to the member`s name. The […]

According to the Guinness World Record (2012), the modern youngest professor in the world is Alia Sabur, who got her Ph.D in Material Science and Engineering at the age of 16, then became a professor at the age of 18 in 2008.…

According to the Guinness World Record (2012), the youngest Ph.D was a Philosopher,Karl Witte at the age of 12 in German and the youngest professor was a Mathematician, Colin Maclaurin at the age of 19 in Scotland.  

Dear ESOTERIQ members, We have a new ESOTERIQ member, Christopher Philip Harding, ISPE founder and was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records under Highest I.Q for 7 editions 1982-88. Welcome to the ESOTERIQ society. The society approves of him as the seventh member.