A member of the OLYMPIQ society, the ex-WIN president, Thomas Baumer. https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/トーマス・バウマー Along this opportunity, anyone belong to any society of the WIN has a right to request to create the Japanese wikipedia to the JIN supervisor anytime. http://masaakiyamauchi.com/myself/ As the premise, the English version is required to make the Japanese version.  

According to the Guinness World Record 1984 on the page 34 (Japanese edition), there were officially two highest IQ persons holding 197  with SD15.75  (σ6.1587) on Stanford -Binet Oxford Analysis New-Zealand version. The one of them was the ISPE founder, Christopher Philip Harding. http://esoteriqsociety.com/esoterists/christopher-philip-harding/ Another one was Wolfgang Lenzen who was born on west German in 1962, lived […]

There are four σ6 IQ societies at the present. GIGA society by Paul Cooijmans SIGMA SIX society by H.Melao Jr NANO society (Nano condition of the Ultima society) by Ivan Ivec ESOTERIQ society by Masaaki Yamauchi The theoretical rarity of σ6 IQ score on normal distribution is well known to all people in high IQ community […]

The new WIN special interest society, HEURISTIQ Society was born and the supervisor is Masaaki Yamauchi. http://masaakiyamauchi.com The name “HEURISTIQ” comes from the combination of the first seven letters of  the English word “HEURISTIC“ and the IQ component. “HEURISTIC“ is a technical term of Learning Psychology, Neuroscience and Computer science, However, the HEURISTIQ society is limited in relation to Cognitive […]

Dear all IQ tests authors, For the ESOTERIQ society and the EVANGELIQ society admission policy, I have checked the all IQ tests being possible to detect over σ6 or σ6.5625 in high IQ community as possible as I could. http://esoteriqsociety.com/admission/ http://evangeliqsociety.com/admission/ To keep an authority of the memberships, please send the newest norm report if you succeeded to […]

Dear all, The WIN founder, Dr. Evangelos G. Katsioulis`s maximum IQ performance is 205 with SD16 which stands for σ6.5625 on normal distribution. According to the site, http://www.solvemymath.com/online_math_calculator/statistics/cdf_calculator.php The exact percentile : The CDF of the random variable Normal(100, 16) at x = 205 is: The exact rarity can calculate as 1/(1- 0.9999999999735435)  = 37,797,894,657 Consequently, the round number is 38,000,000,000 This is […]

There are many interesting IQ tests in high IQ community at the present. As the founder of the EVANGELIQ society, I checked the all IQ tests being possible to detect σ6.5625. http://evangeliqsociety.com/admission/