myWIN: meet the people in WIN

myWIN: meet the people in WIN

Created at last, a personalized approach enhancing our interactions and involvement in the high IQ societies.

Anyone interested in intelligence and IQ can register an account here and interact with all of us. The myWIN members can create their own profiles, connect their profiles with other members’ profiles (which is the modern definition of online friendship…), upload photos and documents, post their ideas on the forums, raise new discussion topics, chat with the online members, share their comments and follow interesting discussions.

If you are a member in any of the 32 WIN member societies, then you can register an account here and either:
1. contact the WIN administration or
2. contact your society/ies administrator to confirm to us your current membership into the respective society/ies.
to claim access to your societies groups and forums.

As soon as proper access is granted to your account, you can directly post to your society group, create any forum or topic, respond to other members’ posts, upload your work, chat with the online members and contribute to any ongoing discussion.

Furthermore, you can interact with all the other WIN members using the Main Forum, myWINews, where all registered members and all the members of all 32 WIN member societies have automatically access upon the confirmation of their membership.

Evangelos Katsioulis

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