WIN web is currently redesigned and developed. New areas of interest will be created, hosted and expanded in the new WIN web.

At this stage, we raise a call for submissions from any WIN member about any of the following categories:

IQ & Academics
IQ & Profession
IQ & Wealth
IQ & Sociality
IQ & Genetics
IQ & Physical Health
IQ & Mental Health
IQ tests
IQ societies

Any WIN member can submit his suggestions about:

the new WIN web structure,
the structure of each of the aforementioned categories
the structure of any non-aforementioned category
the contents, articles, references and material to build each of the categories

Key person to contact is the WIN President, Dr Evangelos Katsioulis

Looking to create with you a new and more interesting to all of us WIN web!

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  1. Andrea Coonse
    October 25, 2010

    This is an extremely good site you have going here.

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