NEW WIN (2nd call)

After 10 years of a strict high IQ societies-only orientated profile of the WIN organization, it is the time to step ahead and make our WIN experience more interesting and.. useful. Keeping up with the ongoing discussions in the WIN boards about the new WIN, we intend to introduce a radical transformation of the organization. Following is a draft schedule of the next steps:

1. WIN will be acting as the hosting organization of both high IQ societies and associations of academic excellence.

2. WIN will sponsor affiliations with Psychology departments interested in the Experimental Psychology, Psychometrics, Intelligence and personality testing.

3. Radical amendment of the main WIN web. Information about IQ-related aspects of the real-life and IQ-related human abilities and qualities. In this context, the following main categories and sub-categories are suggested:
IQ & Genetics
IQ & related Genes
IQ Genetics studies

IQ & Psychology
IQ & Mental Health
IQ & Emotional development (EQ)
IQ & Personality development

IQ & Physical Health

IQ & Sociality
IQ & Relationships
IQ & Marriage
IQ & Friendships
IQ & Social advantages (flexibility, competencies)
IQ & Social disadvantages

IQ & Academics
IQ & Academic achievement
IQ & School performance

IQ & Profession
Careers of reputable geniuses
Jobs requiring high IQ
Agencies targeting the gifted

IQ & Wealth

IQ & Children
First signs
First evaluations
School performance
Next steps
Academic aspects
Colleges for the gifted
Universities for the gifted
Careers for the gifted
Cautions about the gifted

IQ tests
IQ tests (sorted by test name)
IQ tests (sorted by test type)
IQ tests (sorted by time requirement)
IQ tests (sorted by supervision requirement)
IQ tests (sorted by fee requirement)
IQ tests (sorted by test creator name)

IQ societies
IQ societies (sorted by society name)
IQ societies (sorted by members rarity)
IQ societies (sorted by founding year)
IQ societies (sorted by founder name)

Member Societies

WIN boards
WIN chat
WIN meetings


WIN references
IQ references
Academic references
Psychology references

You are all welcome to participate in this dynamic, collaborative and multidimensional debate. (this thread is extracted from the WIN boards)

On behalf of the WIN Administration team
Dr Evangelos Katsioulis, WIN President

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